Come in, and stay awhile! I'm here to ignite your inner confidence, raise your dating standards!

Together, lets Awaken The Seductive Goddess Within! NO woman should ever be treated as anything less than a sexy, radiant Goddess with the power of the Universe at her fingertips.

         Get To Know Me:

  • I created a vision board with Hollywood Hills on the map. A few months later, my dream became a reality and I was unpacking my bags in our new home.
  • I met my husband, fell in love and he asked me to marry him 1 year later. The rest is history!
  • I'm obsessed with reading books on relationships and love. There is not a book that I have not read or that's not in my Amazon cart now. I love suggestions.
  • I love candy! My favorite is Sour Patch Kids.
  • I still use the sewing machine that my mommy bought me when I was 13. It still works like a charm!