He Asked For A Pumpkin Spice Latte and I Gave It To Him!

He Asked For A Pumpkin Spice Latte and I Gave It To Him!

This one-of-a-kind and truly stunning dress will be sure to set you apart from the crowd. It features an off-the-shoulder design that adds a feminine touch to your look.


The tie at the waist will accentuate your hourglass frame and make you look better than a Kardashian. Most importantly, this dress will make you feel delicate and sexy all night long.


This type of design standard has been around for centuries. Although many do not know the origin of this type of design, it is not only appealing to the eye but flattering to the body as well.

This type of design has become popular due to its forgiving nature. It accentuates all of the right curves of the body while concealing other areas. This means that people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy this design without feeling insecure about their curves.

Have you ever looked at something that isn’t moving but appears to be so due to its design? How about that but in a dress?

Picture this: It’s your night out on the town and you need to wear something spectacular. This outfit can’t just be anything, either, it needs to be a combination of old-school glamour, new-school sexy, and just a little bit of a touch of the over-the-top.

This burnt orange body contour midriff dress with an opening at the side and cinch waist meets all of those requirements and some you didn’t even think you had. Rocking an asymmetrical cut comes with its own advantages.

To start, when I am wearing this, I am leading the viewer’s eye on a journey that happens to be your outfit so be sure to wear appropriate accessories! I prefer a less-is-more approach with only a few accessories but, of course, I chose to rock an absolutely stunning pair of open-toed strap sandals in a golden sunlight hue for the perfect look.


Notice how my dress gives the appearance of movement in each photograph?



Note how the asymmetrical cut gives me both the appearance of motion while also highlighting my curves?


This is a powerful design and one that is meant to be seen. The asymmetry is continued even further in the uncovered, strapless arm on one side and the sleeved opposite arm.

Pair this with a black clutch or minimalistic wallet and you have a look that is ready for the red carpet or the runway, your choice. The asymmetrical styling features are meant to keep the eye moving, spotting the inconsistencies as it passes over the dress hence why it seems to move even when you’re standing still. 


If we were styling this particular dress in this shade of orange together, I would suggest black and gold accessories to add contrast and contour to the outfit as a whole though you could get away with bolder options such as a Tiffany green or even pink if you’re going for a more direct though less formal looking contrast.

Wearers that don’t like the opening at the side can even wear an undergarment that offers a contrasting color or even pattern to further add depth to this dress.


Where Should You Wear This Dress?

Formal Events

Cocktail Hour



Movie Premieres

And so on… 

Let’s face it, this dress is elegant and glamorous and that means it’s not right for every occasion. Another thing that I love about this dress is that it is perfect for the summer season at any time of the year.

If you’re trying to inject some warmth and vitality into your outfit, this form-fitting number is guaranteed to revivify the summer atmosphere in the coldest of temps.


Who is this dress perfect for?

The woman that loves glamour, style, and wants to stand out without making a scene. For the appearance of movement while standing still, an air of elegance while simply breathing, or a dynamic look that changes with the seasons, look no further than this piece.


I got this Made For A Boss One Shoulder Dress from Fashion Nova. You can get  here    

I wore 2 different bracelets. You can find the gold Lucky brand one here. The second one brings all the boys to the yard!

Accent pieces with animal prints are my favorite, especially when paired with a solid-colored dress. You can find the link to that here.

The shoes that I have on are from a year ago but here is a newer alternative! You can get the earrings that I wore here.


This dress will surely give you another reason to appreciate your curves, or give you the illusion that you have curves! Either way you design to style it, you will turn heads! I suggest that you only wear animal print accessories when you have on solid color outfits though, or else it will look like you escaped from the zoo!




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